This course includes 8 hours of flight time in our 2001 American Champion Citabria Explorer 7GCBC. You will follow Anson Aviation's course syllabus for a fun and comprehensive learning experience. Upon successful completion of the course syllabus you will have a tail wheel aircraft endorsement and be checked out to fly solo at Anson Aviation in our Citabria Explorer. You'll be a much more skillful "stick and rudder" pilot and ready to have FUN! Spin training is optional.
  • 8 hours of time in our Citabria Explorer aircraft
  • 10 hours of FAA certificated flight instructor time
  • Explorer 7GCBC Information Manual
  • Taxes and fees
  • 5% Discount
Prerequisites for this course:
Private pilot, airplane single engine land, current BFR, medical certificate

Course Package Price: $1,300