Aircraft Number: N2094C
Aircraft Model:1979 Piper Seminole

Cruise Speed:160 Knots (Approximate)
Payload:600 lb. (Approximate)
  • Insight strike finder
  • Century HSI
  • KMA-20 audio panel w/ marker beacon
  • KX-175B NavCom w/HSI
  • KX-170B NavCom w/LOC/VOR
  • KR-86 ADF
  • KT-78A transponder w/ Mode C
  • Century Altimatic IIIC autopilot w/ altitude hold, GS coupling, GPS coupling
  • Sigtronics 4 place intercom
  • Electric trim
  • Overhead vent fan system
  • Dual CHT and EGT
Aircraft Rate:$169.00 Per Hour (Dry)
Fuel Rate: Standard hourly fuel charge or cost of last fill up at Sugar Land

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