Flying The "Glass Panel" Scenario-based Training in Garmin G1000 Equipped Aircraft

The most popular aircraft ever built for training and personal travel are now teamed with the most capable 21st century avionics system available. The Cessna 172S NavIII is available now at Anson Aviation for your personal use. Best of all, you can complete a VFR transition in as little as two flights!

To make your transition to the new “glass panel” fun and comprehensive Anson Aviation has developed scenario-based transition training for each aircraft. The course begins with “Flying the Garmin G1000”, the brand new Computer Based Interactive CDs from King Schools. You and your Anson Aviation instructor will continue to explore the capabilities of G1000 with the PC- based Garmin simulator or in the real airplane by using our Auxiliary Power Unit for ground power.


Then comes the real fun- flights in the G1000 aircraft! You’ll feel comfortable with the basics very quickly. Then your instructor will take you through some realistic scenarios to help you feel completely at home with the many functions and capabilities of the G1000 aircraft.

Learning the G1000 is easy and it’s fun. Your instructor can even make your transition qualify for a Biannual Flight Review or WINGS Pilot Proficiency Credit. The instruction time varies depending on each pilot’s experience. Typically two flights complete the VFR transition and an additional two flights add the IFR transition. Anson Aviation also offers Private Pilot and Instrument ratings in the G1000 aircraft.