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CloudMasters: Anson Aviation proudly announces CloudMasters, our program for that elite group of pilots who love to fly safely and confidently "in the clouds." Joining this fun group is easy. Any properly rated and current pilot flying on an IFR flight plan or any pilot receiving flight instruction from Anson Aviation when the ceiling is 2000 feet or less is automatically a member! As a member you'll receive a 15% discount on Aircraft Service, Flight Instruction, and Pilot Shop Merchandise. CloudMasters prices apply 24/7 to the first 2 hours of Aircraft Service and Flight Instruction on a reservation and to Pilot Shop Merchandise purchased during the reservation period. All you have to do is fly! So watch for cloudy days and join us for the fun.

AAWings: Save 10% on Aircraft Service and Flight Instruction when fulfilling the requirements of the FAA Pilot Proficiency (WINGS) program or completing the Anson Aviation Flight Review Syllabus within 12 months of previous flight review.

Business Special: Save 5% on Aircraft Service when flying on business Monday through Friday.

Weekday Special: Save 5% on Aircraft Service and Flight Instruction Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.