Cleared for Hire provides new private pilots with instrument ratings a complete training package designed to earn the rating that will allow you to "fly for hire." The FAA has approved this course under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Cleared for Hire features the King Schools multimedia training system, which utilizes King's interactive multimedia Computer-Based Instruction curriculum. Our course also utilizes Advanced Aviation Training Devices from Redbird Flight Simulations to improve your proficiency, reduce expensive airplane time, reduce total cost, and reduce total schedule.

The Cleared for Hire Course includes:
  • Cessna Interactive Computer-Based Instruction program
  • 96 hours of aircraft time (at least 10 hours complex)
  • 24 hours of time in the Redbird FMX
  • 75 hours of FAA-certificated flight instructor time
  • Taxes and fees (including knowledge test fee and practical test examiner's fee)
  • 9% package discount
FAA Private Pilot Certificate (aircraft single engine land) with Instrument Rating or concurrent enrollment in the Cleared for the Approach Instrument course.

Course Pricing:
The FAA requires student pilots in approved commercial pilot training courses to complete at least 120 hours of commercial pilot flight training and 35 hours of knowledge training prior to applying for the commercial pilot certificate. The national averages for FAA-approved commercial pilot training courses are 55 hours of dual flight (with your instructor), 65 hours of solo flight, and 20 hours of ground instruction.

Our packages are designed to include dual flight and ground training charges that are equal to the national averages. The actual cost of additional training, if any is required, is customized to the individual. This minimizes total cost. The packages also include most of the additional supplies that will be required, such as charts and, in the Cleared for Takeoff Package, a headset. This approach results in a course price that more fairly represents the total cost required to obtain the private pilot's certificate.

C-172N C-172R C-172SP C-172SP
w/ MFD & ADF
$15,500 $17,500 $17,900 $18,300 $18,500